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friend, you haven't been on in a while, I hope everything is okay

I’m actually in a lot of danger right now towards myself

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my current aesthetic is “NB Ennis”


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I’m not sure if you’re intending to be homophobic or sexist here, but I’m gonna bet it on sexism with a homophobic slur.

Everyone come gather round, the great harbinger of Social Justice is calling a dude interested in lolita fashion a “faggot!”

how the fuck is it sexism. you’re a man.

Men still experience sexism.

Sexist because you’re implying that feminine men are gay, and the homophobic slur to boot.

men dont experience sexism. doesn’t work that way.
trans lesbian calls some cisgay crossdresser a faggot? obvs homophobia

well it is a homophobic slur intended against gay men/effeminate gay men and is generally off limits unless you’re a gay man, like the t-slur is with trans women
but you are correct, men don’t experience sexism. discrimination, sometimes. sexism/misandry? no. society isn’t built to keep cis men down, its built to keep everyone but cis men down, therefore, those at the top of the ladder (cis men) cannot experience systematic sexism, it’s literally impossible

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I’m still laughing at this bit from Pleb’s shitty “bawww don’t draw anything besides idealized cishet whites!” comic:


yes, because Adventure Time’s designs are SO totally uncreative and boring (under a readmore due to length):

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Send me "What did you just call me?" and I will generate a number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours.

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your awesome

eee thank you so much!!!

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I’m really gay for Ladd Russo

who isn’t though

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rly happy with the way this turned out

my love

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I got the baccano! boxset so I can force family/friends to watch with me again and again~ No one is up for it yet tho so I'm going through by myself and holy cow...Dallas has the dorkiest laugh in the whole world! It was super adorable (out of the context it was in, of course). I bet he doesn't laugh a lot cause he gets teased but everyone who knows him thinks it's cute.

ahh awesome for you man!!! i hope you enjoy it

and yeah dallas really does have a dorky laugh, but i imagine luck’s is even dorkier lol so they can tease each other

cute otp teasing is what i live for

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can allistics stim?



i’m gonna make a series of these lil stimmy posts, i guess, so here’s a question i get a lot:

do you have to be autistic to stim?

the answer is no! allistics stim as well, albeit for different reasons (typically boredom instead of sensory regulation).

additionally, people with ADHD and the deaf-blind are known to stim in a similar manner as autistic people! in the latter case, the brain is trying to make up for a lack of sensory input (sight and sound provide the majority of our sensory input).

other groups of people probably stim, too. what have y’all heard?

as people have mentioned in the comments, people with sensory processing disorder stim as well!

yeah i stim a lot and i’m allistic but i have ADHD so
thanks for the info post~

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